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The Lazy Investor | Real Estate Investing

The Lazy Investor's Guide To
Lease Purchase

"The Most Powerful Real Estate
System Available Today - One That Brings
Instant CA$H, Long-Term Cash 
Flow And
Happy Customer Referrals Every Time

In The World Of Real Estate Investing, Nothing Else Compares To The Power, Flexibility And Income Potential Of Lease Purchase"

Real Estate Investing | Lease Purchase | Lease Option

Every serious investor has a favorite 'tool' in their toolkit. And, the simple but powerful, flexible and unsurpassed favorite is Lease Purchase...


  • 8CDs - Complete Lease Purchase/Option Training: 2-day interactive training session with students plus a Data CD with the digital version of the workbook and electronic versions of all paperwork for your business.
  • Forms - Buyer Form, Seller Form, Investor Form plus! - All the forms we use in our own business, all included here!
  • Contracts - The same Lease, Purchase and Option contract I use in my Lease Purchase business
  • Tracking System - Everything you need to make your Lease Purchase business run smoothly
  • Every dialogue to get your best deal with both Buyers and Sellers
  • Classified Ads that work - Quickly buy and sell with Lease Purchase/Option
  • Powerful L.A.Z.Y Mechanisms - To get Buyers and Sellers eager to work with you


Real Estate Investing

The Lazy Investor’s
Lease Purchase Workbook
- $197 VALUE

Discover the Simplest Method to
Make Money Out of Thin Air

  • Time-tested Ads that work
  • Powerful Dialogues for Buyer and Seller
  • Unique Tracking Form
  • Step-by-step instructions on putting trunsactions togethe
  • Line-by-line details for filling out your contract

The Lazy Investor’s
Lease Purchase Agreement
- $97 VALUE

  • Protect all party's interest in the property
  • Contains highly motivating methods to assure you get paid on time and never do repairs
  • Works for both buying and selling on LP
  • You Always buy at a discount
  • You Always retain Control of your Equity
  • Only one for Rapidly Appreciating Markets

The Lazy Investor’s
Lease Purchase Audio Course
 - $158 VALUE

  • Complete Lease Purchase LIVE training class
  • Playable anywhere, anytime
  • Listen over and over to get every detail
  • Internalize both Buyer and Seller dialogues to guarantee your success
  • DATA CD includes Forms, Contracts and much more...

BONUS Material Vital For
Your Lease Purchase Business
- $45 VALUE

  • 24-hour Notice to Inspect
  • Additional dialogues
  • Assignment Addendum
  • Letter of Intent to Purchase
  • Power of Attorney Documents
  • Qualify Your Buyer
  • Reports, Real Estate Calculator and MORE...

The Lazy Investor's Guide To
Lease Purchase

The Lazy Investor's
Lease Purchase Workbook

 $197 VALUE

The Lazy Investor's BULLET FROOF
Lease Purchase Agreement

$97 VALUE 

The Lazy Investor's
Lease Purchase Audio Course

 $158 VALUE

Bonus Material vital for every
Lease Purchase business

$45 VALUE 


Real Estate Investing



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"I had some missing pieces in my investment strategies; marketing, IRA money, other cash flow strategies - just what strategies were the best for my business...

- The Lazy Investor's strategies
- Using my IRA money effectively
- Various deals to invest in NOW!
- Discovered another cash flow machine

Thanks for changing my exit strategies.

P. S. Met some great people/investors, too!"

Don K.,
Glastonbury, CT

"I am a physician with a busy medical practice.

I don't have a lot of time to research properties to find good deals.

I had a little knowledge and some confidence.

Now since I have learned about the L.A.Z.Y. method, I expect to be a very successful real estate investor.

Thanks Steve for helping me get focused and getting my family in a better financial picture."
Orlandis W.,
Henderson, NV

"Thank God for Steve!  He always makes sure we have pertinent, updated, useful information. 

Other seminars we've been to have theories and ideas, but Steve gives us facts, ideas, contacts, deals & suggestions - true guidance! 

Until we discovered the L.A.Z.Y. way, we were not sure where to start, what to do... 

We were in a boat without a paddle!" 

Thanks Steve!"
Elana D.,
Pahrump, NV

"The Workshop showed me how to overcome the fear to begin in Real Estate investing.

Defining 'how' is big because they actually openly guided us to move along to get started!

Hands on is very powerful to me and this workshop accomplished that by having the deals readily available for us to purchase wholesale or assign (whatever we choose).

Much appreciation."
Tracey D.,
Las Vegas, NV